occult rock

release date : september 21st 2012 on DCD & DLP
by the Ajna Offensive for america
by Norma Evangelium Diaboli for europe
reference : flame72 / ned033

Disc one : (42:56)
occult rock I - 10:13
occult rock II - 10:32
occult rock III - 10:07
occult rock IV - 12:05

Disc two : (41:37)
occult rock V - 11:16
occult rock VI - 8:36
occult rock VII - 10:04
occult rock VIII - 11:45

" Consisting of eight hypnotic tracks of timeless and unclassifiable instrumental music,
this quintessential double album summarizes and transcends all preceding aspects of the band's discography
and offers new insight into the fundamental principles and formulas of Aluk Todolo,
permeating through other forms and resulting in an ultimate entheogenic ceremony.
The production takes the side of fidelity in the transcription of the power trio's live energy and osmosis,
revealing the individuality and roughness of each instrument and emphasizing the inter-penetration
of all the components of an organic and tetanizing trance ritual.
This opus recounts the alchemical transformation of the primordial vibration into matter,
through all its elemental phases, leading to the sonic manifestation of the forces of the universe
into the octagonal prism of Occult Rock."