aluk todolo

release date : july 25th 2006
7''EP on Implied Sound
reference : IS003

side a - 5:37

side b - 5:55

" Aluk Todolo (France) plays Occult Rock.
The band uses traditional rock instruments and magickal theories to reach elevated levels of psychedelic trance and new states of consciousness.
This 7" marks their debut debut and features two esoteric compositions that are drawn from the bands improv-laden, live rituals.
Side A is a rhythmic and moody piece which gradually builds intensity only to crescendo
and gently drift into a blur of sound and mysterious mumblings from Aleister Crowley.
The B-side is more krautrock-influenced and upbeat, but fades into an ethereal drone only to explode back into a heavy rock jam.
Aluk Todolo features members from the legendary, underground black metal acts, Diamatregon & Vediog Svaor. "